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About the company

Expert RP - a single resource center for SAP projects. The key areas of the company are: driving up the market of freelance SAP consultants and filling in vacancies in implementation projects; accumulation of knowledge and provision of access to the best solutions and knowledge bases on SAP (SAP Best Practice); training services for project team members.


Amid the rise of the digital technologies, Expert RP's products rose in demand. The ER expert is a certified SAP Education partner, which allows the company to offer training using the materials and demo versions of SAP and issue official certificates. The procedure for organizing and planning training courses is based on ExR, which required a dedicated search engine and sign-up form on the portal for applicants.


GBC team started to work on the project in February 2019. A solution was created on a single platform that united the process of selling courses, books, and also provided the option of selecting resources. In addition, GBC Team experts addressed the following tasks: created a unified view of customers, contacts and incoming requests; developed a unique tool for the selection of candidates according to specified criteria; automated the process from receiving a request to allocating a specific person to the project.