About the company

Ozon.ru is one of the largest e-commerce platforms and the most expensive internet companies in Russia. The company ranks 3rd in terms of the number of orders, according to Data Insight. Today, the Ozon online store contains more than 9 million products in 25 categories.


With the increase in the number of goods available on Ozon, the number of suppliers also has increased. With the existing excellent infrastructure and the website interface, the managers were spending too much time on registering new partners and getting the statistics on the current ones. The company faced the need of supplier relations’ automation. This B2B direction included onboarding of new partners, processing applications from the existing ones, their systematization and categorization. Previously, these processes were not entirely clear, the communications were conducted through basic software, which allowed discrepancies and doubling as well as inaccurate categories distribution.


After analyzing the client's request, GBC Team specialists proposed the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and completed the job within three months. The new tool improved the work of the client managers, created a single supplier base categorized by product type, set up an interaction funnel and built transparent communications with each lead, as well as allowed to instantly receive various analytics - all of these on a single platform. The new solution empowered the company to quickly adapt the business units’ strategies for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.