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Energy and Utility Services

About the company

Utilitas is an Estonian energy group focused on generating thermal energy and electricity and providing district heating services to 5,000 buildings in eight cities across Estonia, including more than 173,000 households, schools and kindergartens, office buildings and swimming pools, shopping centres, hotels and hospitals.


Utilitas aimed to replace the variety of manually synchronized systems by a unified platform, and to integrate the majority of the external/internal applications for support and simplify customer service and relationship management. Also they intended to improve the field service process improving technicians routine. GBC Team in cooperation with Nortal (as Big Data partner) has implemented Salesforce Community Cloud as a customer self-service portal with all communications digitized as well as Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning for holistic customers’ service and support.


After the successful launch in 2019 the client has received standardization of 80% processes and significantly reduced probability of human error. Time for issuing primary invoices to customers decreased from 10 to 3 days an the number of manually corrected bills decreased by 30%. Time for the establishment of new facilities reduced by 50%. Utilitas is now experiencing 360-degree view of the customers and substantially increased customer loyalty as a result of accuracy and quick provision of bills for services, reduced response time to customer requests through the variety of support channels.

Additionally as a special solution for customer authentication in Salesforce Community Cloud Estonian e-ID has been introduced.