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2020 06 14

The new reality requires not only new business tools, but also new communication formats. In just a week, on June 17 we are holding our first webinar on CRM marketing opportunities for online services in partnership with UPGRADE.


At the webinar we will discuss how to keep and monetize the audience attracted during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll learn how content platforms exited the lockdown, adapted their CRM strategies, what customer behavior changes to expect, and most importantly, how and why to restart CRM after the crisis with useful cases from Salesforce by Anastasia Bukkosi, Country Manager Salesforce.

The full picture will be presented by speakers from related segments, experts in their field, including Artyom Ishonin, Delivery Club customer development director, Anton Volodkin, Rostelecom video development director, Irina Semenok, Netology marketing director and Daniil Zabolotny, head of mobile products Ozon.travel.

Register here http://upgrade.st/crm-onlineservice

The two-hour long webinar will be useful for CMO, heads of CRM divisions, CTO / CIO online services and involves an interactive discussion of useful cases, personal chats with speakers and discussion of new business models that provide profit in a crisis.

Participation is free. Register to participate in the discussion, receive presentations and special offers from speakers after the webinar.

See you soon!