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On July 14 the Russian media portal CNews held the online conference “CRM-2020 Market” with GBC Team as a partner. This is an annual event on the world and national CRM markets trends.

Every seventh company in Russia uses a CRM system. Just a few years ago CRM's only corporate mission was to maintain a customer base. Today the systems are equipped with marketing tools that allow responding to customer requests, conducting analytics, evaluating the effectiveness of various channels and optimizing advertising costs. In addition, CRM stores the entire history of customer interaction, which means it can be used to optimize loyalty programs.

At the same time, the analytical capabilities of CRM are expanding, BI and AI equipped solutions allow you to efficiently prepare a variety of reports. Mobile versions of systems are also actively developing. More and more companies are using CRM as SaaS.

Speaker by GBC Team Yuri Tsvetaev spoke on the advantages of the SaaS model, presenting Salesforce cloud solutions in a metaphorical image of the forest - a huge reliable ecosystem with its own capabilities. Ht also separately raised the issues of cloud security and compliance with Russian federal laws.

Other speakers presented their experience of using CRM in various industries, from maintaining a client base to managing banking operations. The conference participants also discussed what the cost of CRM may depend on.