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The Cloud Wars portal has introduced their fresh view on the ranking of the 10 most-influential cloud vendors in the world.

blog 2020 08 25

As summer is winding down, the global economy is starting to heat back up and many businesses are taking tentative first steps toward reopening workplaces. Central to both of those developments is the modern enterprise cloud, which is giving business leaders the agility, speed, flexibility and financial opportunity to begin moving at the pace of their fast-changing customers and employees. And here is the media’s view on the reasons for Salesforce to be in the top 3 of the world’s largest and most-influential cloud providers.

Sometime next week, it’s very likely Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff will announce that Salesforce has posted its first $5 billion quarter.

And it won’t be surprising if Benioff immediately starts talking about how he intends to propel Salesforce to its first $10-billion quarter. No person on Earth has done more to evangelize the cloud, to make it tangible for CXOs, and to articulate the real business value and power of the cloud than Benioff.

Salesforce is a SaaS powerhouse, but it's a technological genius that has become quite a force in data analytics and platform as well. In fact, Salesforce’s biggest business isn’t one of its hugely successful CRM clouds—no, it’s largest business is now “Platform and Other.”

While most of the other big apps players in the cloud have rushed to establish themselves in multiple apps categories, Benioff has kept Salesforce focused on CRM. He has also constantly expanded and redefined the CRM category, but he’s avoided the temptation to get into ERP or HCM and has instead kept his company solely dedicated to the business that made it famous.

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