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There’s not much written about the Salesforce CRM platform in the Russian media. In October 2020, the most popular portal CNews released a rating of CRM systems and published a full overview article on Salesforce' for business.


In the modern world, we are used to relying on technological developments to simplify the workflows. We use databases, electronic document management, customer feedback systems, sales analytics and at some point, their abundance and lack of automatic integration can turn against the company, complicating its work.

Most businesses today realize that they have outgrown local software development and are looking for comprehensive CRM solutions to manage customer service, sales and marketing. Salesforce CRM is just the right choice - a powerful platform with a friendly and intuitive interface, a full set of basic and additional functions that can help with business routine and provide the easiest possible integration with external systems.

The main advantage of Salesforce CRM lies in capabilities. The product supports not only sales management, customer service, marketing and e-commerce B2C and B2B, but also includes an analytical module based on AI, as well as modules for developing mobile apps and their integration, and also industry tools for retails, manufacturing and healthcare. A complete list of Salesforce CRM tools is available here.

Salesforce CRM is a comprehensive business management platform where all products can be easily integrated with external systems. Which means the company can grow along with Salesforce and implement new features when needed.

The platform is guaranteed to increase productivity: Salesforce CRM turns the most complex business processes into single click actions. Getting started with Salesforce is easy with the seamless ability to import data from your Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Excel and more. Another tangible advantage of the platform is its flexibility. Companies can combine Salesforce with almost any part of their business processes.

Millions of companies around the world choose Salesforce CRM for business process management. International analytical agencies have repeatedly named it the best CRM system in the world. The platform is available in Russian language and is being successfully implemented in Russian companies. And of course, successful implementation, integration and, if necessary, customization of the platform will depend on a reliable partner, the official representative of Salesforce in the Russian Federation.

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