About the company

Darkside Corporation is one of the largest local manufacturers of tobacco and hookah accessories. It is one of the most recognizable brands among consumers of hookah tobacco in the Russian Federation.


In 2019 the company was entering the European market and looking for an efficient tool for the sales representatives management in Germany. Integration with logistics processes was also required to organize the warehouse interactions. The desired solution had to be easily scalable in the future, covering the emerging needs of the developing business, and what’s more, should be available in both Russian and German languages. Subsequently, based on the already implemented Salesforce tools, improvements were required to provide smooth entry to other European countries, taking into account their legislation.


Having already a previous positive experience with GBC Team and Salesforce Darkside chose Salesforce Service Cloud to solve all the requirements at the European market. The sales representatives' work process was fully organised: from creating a customer base and a sales funnel to interaction with distributors.

Following the development of the company, there is a regular need for the new functions and settings to update, so the collaboration between GBC Team and Darkside is ongoing. In 2021 a global update of the system was performed, interfaces and logistics processes were updated, thereby providing the potential for the CRM for further business development. This is a unique project on the border of several countries, with an individual solution for integration with warehouses, where the needs of both Russian and European representatives of the company are taken into account.