GBC Team for Cloudkassir


Business Automation

About the company

Cloudkassir is a rental of online cash desks, a ready-made cloud solution for online fiscalization of payments within the framework of compliance with the federal law for any business.


Since the corrections to the federal law on the procedure for the cash register equipment took effect in 2017, the company faced a need to set up the new processes for the rented online cash registers users, as well as the subsequent customer service. The main priority was the automation of notifications, the launch of cash desks, the tracking of the commissioning dates of online cash desks, the expiration dates of subscriptions and renewals. The whole history of lease agreements and terms required centralization.


During the 2 months’ implementation, all the necessary tools, rules and scripts were set up and prepared for work. The company was able to reduce the time to connect to the service, as well as the commissioning of online cash registers by 20%. In addition, the response time to requests from users was reduced by 35%. Full access to analytical data helps the client to make prompt management decisions.