Delivery Club


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About the company

Delivery Club is the largest food delivery service in Russia, operating since 2009. Initially, it performed as a marketplace, integrating restaurants with their own couriers. Since 2016 the company has been developing its own logistics facility. The service fulfills 5.5 million orders monthly, delivering food from 35 thousand restaurants in 250 cities.


The company felt the need to optimize business processes of finding, attracting and onboarding new partners. Delivery Club already had the experience with Salesforce, but the platform needed a massive upgrade. GBC Team was expected not only to effectively implement CRM, but also invited for its consulting competencies to introduce and establish the smart new sales and customers’ attraction processes. During the analysis, new tasks also emerged (such as a full logistics management cycle), which were also solved by means of Salesforce resources.


Within the first 6 months of work, all the main processes were optimized and shifted to a new technical base. Now all Delivery Club employees work in Salesforce. There was a successful integration with the ERP and ticket systems operating in the company. The implemented tools allow to reduce the time when connecting new restaurants to the Delivery Club network. The solution to the logistics partners issue took one month and immediately proved to be effective. GBC Team keeps on assisting Delivery Club in organizing and developing processes regularly, helping to increase lead generation and to rapidly introduce new products.