About the company

Joom is an international online marketplace operating in more than 100 countries around the world. The company ranks second among Russian internet companies delivering goods from China. The Joom mobile app is used by over 300 million users worldwide.


The rapid growth of the successful business urged for a systematic and reliable tool to be used for an effective search for the new merchandisers. GBC Team, acting as a business consultant for Joom, has set up and structured the existing business processes, and also has implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Previously, attracting new retailers to the platform was an entirely manual process involving only the most basic software. The process was not transparent, and did not allow a structured approach to the merchandisers’ allocation and means to evaluate its effectiveness. The new implemented tool enables to control the whole process of attracting merchandisers in different regions and product classes.

The first users started to benefit from Salesforce a month after the start of the project. It was a large-scale implementation with working in 24 time zones and hundreds of foreign employees. A big part of the job was the integration with the internal backend system, which became the data center for each new partner.


The project is still ongoing, employees are being actively trained to work with the new tool. The next stage will be the development of accounting, which is a more detailed management of relationships with partners.

The most important results have already been achieved. The transparency and efficiency of the work with new merchandisers has increased. The company has a clear view of any stage of the processes and can plan a faster geographic expansion. Before the Salesforce Sales Cloud was implemented the partners’ search in a certain area took a minimum of 2 weeks, now it fits into just one.