Legrand & GBC Team


Electrical Engineering

About the company

Legrand Group offers a full range of solutions for electrical and digital building infrastructure in the industrial, financial, commercial and residential sectors. Legrand helps its customers to implement projects of any level of complexity.


Legrand had been steadily developing its customer base, and the need for high quality service had increased accordingly. The company decided to create a Salesforce integrated portal for partners and distributors, which would simplify partner interactions, streamline and accelerate internal project management processes, and enable comprehensive sales reporting.


In December 2018, the GBC team was selected to accomplish the task. The GBC approach was as follows: to decompose and rebuild the existing long-term business processes, which made it possible to optimize the procedure for managing projects; audit the associated master systems for maximum optimization of data flows between the portal and third-party systems; Comprehensive technical description of the portal, including functional and integration requirements.