PropellerAds & GBC Team


Internet / Media

About the company

PropellerAds is an AdTech company, providing powerful performance marketing solutions on a global scale. Founded in 2011, the company rapidly became the leading popunder traffic network, and then expanded into the native advertising world, growing into the most Adtech platform.


The main objective was to implement a single application designed for all teams including:

  • Analysts that gather and convert leads;
  • Specialists that support client relations;
  • Account managers that keep track of customer traffic and help them optimize and increase it.


The system was launched in 2 months for 3 teams analysts, [hunters] and account managers. All users substituted Excel with Salesforce. In the following 2 months, PropellerAds already had reliable data on customer traffic, which has helped them to increase revenue through cross-selling and excellent customer service.